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2014 has been a pretty good year. While I’m not sitting in concept art position, this year has been full of improvement and great opportunities. Lets look at a comparison. There’s roughly three years of work between these two paintings.


I’m still in a QA position, but I’m at a company that feels like its investing in me. There are a lot of people that have given me a chance to prove myself. A special shout out goes to Bart Tiongson who has given up some of his time to sit down with me and paint over some of my portfolio pieces. Bart hasn’t been the only one to help me with my work. Nate Stefan, Andrew Olson, Won Choi, and Chris Moffitt have all given up some of their time to talk to me about a career in art.

In some of my personal projects I was able to team up with my friend Fletcher to make some Dota 2 workshop items this year The items are still up for consideration, but the whole process was a really nice learning experience.

The Book of Life came out this year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s totally worth your time. Earlier this year Reel fx asked several Texas artists to contribute skulls to the background of the movie. I was one of the lucky artist to be associated with this wonderful movie. Somewhere in the background of that movie, you can the skull that I designed and painted.

After roughly a year of kicking the idea around, I finally started my personal project Life on Water. I have to develop an entire world, and belive me there is A LOT to do, but it’s something that keeps me interested on my road to being a better concept artist.

Here’s where I was able to help at work. Robot has recently started an email campaign to develop some of the lore of the Orcs Must Die universe. While not exactly part of the art team, I have been able to contribute some art to the Master Is Missing email campaign.

The year hasn’t been perfect but I’m really enjoying where I am and all the progress that I appear to be making. Here’s to even more work and experiences in the 2015 year!

Stargate 3.71-275

I’ve been drawing only little bit lately, but I have been drawing.  Work gets in the way a lot.  Good news:  I see a lot of progress in my work, bad news: I delete them afterwards and I’m starting to think that that may not be the best plan.  I’ll start saving things more often so that others can see what I have to offer.

New Personal goal:  Draw way more often.  If you see me, ask me what work I’ve done lately.  Seriously.  Do it.

A progress update on my latest big update.  I’ve started from the background and am working my way to the foreground, so I haven’t gotten a chance to work on the people in the front yet.  I used the burning car as a reference for the burning ship because I just couldn’t get the flames right.  I threw a rock at a can of beans as a reference for the bent up ship.  At this point I’d say I’m about halfway done, with what seems to be a good project so far.

As I said before, I’ve been working with the tremors series running in the background.  I love the series a lot, but I’ve always been a sucker for bad sci-fi movies.  I made this on a whim, just as a quick break and for some fun.